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4th Birthday message from our Founder…

Dear All,

12 months ago, I wrote a note to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Illamasqua’s launch and I recall it being difficult to try and report our unprecedented growth in such a competitive market place, with the backdrop of the depressing global economic landscape. As I sit here today, offering a few words to accompany our 4th birthday, I find myself wanting to acknowledge the softer side of our brand’s achievements – as it becomes all too commonplace for me to keep talking about growth and expansion.

I recently wrote a letter to our database that received the type of feedback myself nor anyone around me has ever witnessed, or heard of, before. Our fans literally wrote back to us in their thousands and when I say write, I would estimate that more than half of the letters I received extended beyond one side of paper. Therefore, this year I would like to put on record that our proudest moment as a business and my single proudest moment as a businessman has been to hear how this very special brand we have all created has changed so many lives for the better. For some people Illamasqua has given confidence, for others we have provided a brand that is akin to a place called home. For many more, we have simply inspired them to realise that you can do ‘business’ in a new and exciting way that doesn’t need to be hostile and corporate.

I hope we continue to inspire and I know we will work hard to continue to live up to the reputation that we have created.  You know enough about us already to know this will not be done through complacency and we will continue to invite criticism and positive feedback every day of the year. I have said it before and will never get bored of saying it, you are all part of the journey and we love you all.

Julian x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert