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Helen Roche

Illamasqua Helen Roche

1. Give us a brief overview of you as an artist.
I am a passionate artist, I love the fact that makeup can completely change how a person looks and feels.

2. What inspires you?
I think it's great how amazing and beautiful the natural world is. Animals, plants, landscape from around the world is full of weird wonderful, colourful beautiful things. What could be more inspiring?

3. Do you have a Muse?
I wouldn't say I have a muse.

4. How did you get into make-up artistry?
I have always drawn and sketched ever since I was a child and still do today so I’m attracted to anything creative, colourful and artistic. I trained as a professional dancer and worked in the theatre for years so was very used to doing full theatrical makeup on myself. I always loved makeup and used to design the makeup for our company shows. So when my body broke it seemed a natural transition and I went to train in makeup and hair instead.

5. Why did you want to become a make-up artist?

6. When did you join Illamasqua?
I was part of the original team that launched illamasqua in 2008.

7. Why did you choose to work for Illamasqua?
When I applied to illamasqua I had no idea really what it was until I went for my first interview. After that I was so excited and realised I had stumbled into something that was going to be really special.

8. What are your priorities as Key Artist for Illamasqua?
My priorities are to share correct knowledge and nurture up and coming emerging artists. Also help people look and feel beautiful and confident.

9. What is your `signature` make-up look?
I love a 50's vintage look. Liner and a red lip is my day to day look.

10. What are your 3 favourite Illamasqua pieces that you cannot live without and why?
Hydra veil - I have dry skin and this keeps my skin amazing and fresh. Heroine eyeshadow- it's the perfect taupe grey. Great for blending a natural socket and contour colour on fair skin like mine. Emerge pigment - I have pigmentation underneath my eyes so this sorts me out in the morning.

11. Any make-up tricks you want to share (one or two)?
Mix satin primer with skin base for a sheer natural dewy base. Before applying your lipstick give your lips a treat by mixing brown sugar with your lip balm and buff off any dry winter skin with a soft bristle toothbrush.

12. As an artist, what is your unique point of difference?

13. What excites you in the make-up world as a whole?

14. Have you worked with any celebrities?
Patsy Kensit,Simon Cowell,Louis Walsh, Peter Andre, Jo Malone, WTA Wimbledon Tennis Champions, London Olympic Athletes.

15. Have you worked on shoots with any key publications such as UK Vogue?

16. Have you worked on any key events?

  • Fashion week. Numerous shows every year since we launched for Child of the Jago/Sorapol (team leader)
  • Creators mini collection visuals
  • Immodesty Blaize for Immodesty Blaize Tease Show
  • Numero Thailand magazine shoot.
  • Tom Wolfe Fragrance Campaign
  • All Walks Exhibition with Nick knight
  • All Walks Exhibition with Rankin
  • Gay Pride
  • My Transexual Summer Tour
  • Various Illamasqua campaigns

17. Have you ever done any TV work?
X Factor for 3 years

Commercials including –
  • Heineken
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Arts
  • Asda
  • Iceland
  • Dove
  • Trainline
  • British Airways
  • Casio Watches

18. Do you have any experience in theatrical/ fashion/ film make-up?
London Fashion Week Tarzan the Untamed (Warner bros released 2016) Sol Dans film series Sky Arts Great Lake films 'Visiting Mr Keats' and ' Conspirators' D&J Ambrose Hairdresser of the year awards. Hobb Salon Hairdresser of the year awards.

19. Have you ever assisted any famous make-up artists?
I have assisted Alex Box on numerous occasions over the past 7 years. Most recently for our spring/summer 2016 collection shoot.