What does voting mean to you?

What does voting mean to you?

With the UK General Election on the horizon, we asked some of our Illamafia what voting means to them & why it’s so important to vote…

“Voting in this general election is a chance to stand up for and bring into existence what you believe is right, good and moral.
Your vote helps shape things not only for current adults, but also for future generations, future world leaders. Everything from public transport, the cost of education, gender equality, LGBT rights, bank holidays, the amount of tax you pay on your wage slip, the age you can retire all depend on YOU taking control and using your vote. We have a real chance right now to change the direction that this country is headed in.
Take control of your life and use your vote to back what you believe is fair, not just for you, but for everyone.”

Munroe Bergdorf, @MunroeBergdorf

“I’m voting because I can.
I feel as though a lot of people, especially young adults, feel as though they’re voice won’t matter and their opinion doesn’t mean much… but it does.
Especially when many manifesto speeches vow to tackle student problems such as the uprise of unemployment in young people or the increase of university fees.
Give your thoughts a voice, vote for someone who shares the same values as you.
Feel part of a community that stands by your choices and your decisions.
Because every single vote matters. We matter.”

Mariam Abbass, #Illamafia

Let’s use a collective voice to improve our society. We’ve created the Illamasqua Anti-Facism symbol to bring together a new generation of social activists. We’d love to see you recreate the symbol & wear it on the lead up to the election and afterwards.

Upload your looks to Instagram, making sure that you tag us in the photo.
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