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#IllaMustHaves: Monami Frost

Exclusively for the Illamasqua blog, we talk to Monami Frost, tattoo model, beauty lover & vegan enthusiast all about Illamasqua, her favourite products and our #IllaMustHaves!

At Illamasqua we see beauty in everyone and everything. We believe in celebrating individuality, diversity & self-expression. Would you say this resonates with you?

I am all about self-expression. I try to encourage everyone to be unique and express themselves the way they feel; this is what keeps the world beautiful. Diversity and individuality is the key to changing the world and getting rid of the word ‘normal’ – there is no such a thing. I love that make-up is one of the things that can help you express yourself. Nothing is ever too extreme or too much when using make-up. It helps bring out your personality and uniqueness as well as encouraging others to do the same. The most important thing is not to be afraid.

Which product would you suggest to someone who has never tried Illamasqua before?

I would definitely suggest the Beyond Powder in OMG. It’s just blinding and the fact that it is Vegan is the best thing about it. I also absolutely love the Precision Gel Liner in Infinity. It’s perfect and long lasting. I blend it out to create a dramatic smokey cat eye. That’s the ultimate combo; a glam smokey eye and a blinding highlight. What more could you ask for?!

What about our best selling primer, Hydra Veil do you love the most?

When I first started using it, I noticed straight away that even after 12 hours, my foundation and rest of my make-up was as if I’d just applied it. It wasn’t flaky and hadn’t creased anywhere. My face still felt hydrated. I guess that’s why it’s called Hydra Veil; that’s exactly how it feels.

Hydra Veil



Does incorporating Gel Sculpt into your make-up routine make contouring & definition easier?

Gel Sculpt is so easy to use. It blends easily and gives my face more dimension from every angle.  My husband even complimented me the first time I used it. He said my face looks more naturally contoured; it’s the perfect shade of warm brown. Crazy how just one product can make such a difference…

Beyond Powder

How & where do you like to apply Beyond Powder in OMG?

I apply Beyond Powder using a little bit of setting spray on the brush and applying all over my cheek bones, nose, cupid’s bow, lips, over the eyebrow arches and on the inner corners of my eyes. I just smother myself in it. Then I feel like my day is brighter as I’m shining like the sun. Haha!

All 3 of these Illamusthaves products are Vegan & all Illamasqua products are cruelty-free…is this important to you when choosing make-up?

That is the most important thing in my life along side my family – being Vegan and cruelty-free. It’s all I am! There is so much choice these days for cruelty-free make-up; you can feel and look like a queen, without any animals suffering. I love to see the world is making the change to go cruelty-free.

What made you decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle?

Learning about the unnecessary cruelty that is going on in this world. The day I learnt this, I decided I could no longer be a part of it. There is no reason in the world to justify the unnecessary killing and torture of innocent animals. Equality for everyone. All living things!

Exclusively for the Illamasqua blog, we talk to Monami Frost, tattoo model, beauty lover & vegan enthusiast all about Illamasqua, her favourite products and our #IllaMustHaves!

If you could choose one Illamasqua product you can’t live without, what would you choose?

I think it’s these items; the IllaMustHaves. They have everything that you need, everyday. No matter what makeup look I go for I would always need these, whether natural or dramatic, they are my must have items.

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Words by Monami Frost
Interview by Nadine Bourne


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