Illamuse: Vatsyayana

Illamuse: Vatsyayana

Following our Antimatter Valentines launch, this month’s Illamuse will focus on the author of the Kama Sutra and the connections made within the famous ‘tale of love’ between two perfect partners.

Our Antimatter Valentines launch of shades Physical (rubine red) and Eclipse (luminous white) explores the love affair between the two shades. The two juxtaposing shades allow you to experiment to your mind’s content, showing countless possibilities with the contrasting ‘perfect pair’.

This month’s Illamuse aims to take away from the modern 21st century connotations of the Kama Sutra, stripping back the to initial purpose and its origins; the art of living, the connection and love between finding someone that understands and respects you.

Hindu philosopher, Vatsyayana lived sometime between the 1st and 6th Century and wrote the Kama Sutra nearly two thousand years ago. To this day the Kama Sutra is famous for its sexual elements, though Vatsyayana claimed to be a celibate monk. It is thought that his work to compile all sexual knowledge of ages past was a form of meditation and conformity to the deity. Translation and little knowledge of the author, Vatsyayana in the current 21st century has caused this text to lose meaning.

Only 20% of the book is based on sexual intimacy, and 80% of the book is to educate and explore the power between an intimate pair and the importance and aspects of intimacy. Intended as a guide for both partners it discusses deepening the connection between two individuals through communication & experimentation. The act of talking & listening will ultimately develop and strengthen a relationship, thus creating a perfect partnership.

Kama Sutra

Kama: /‘kɑːmə;/ desire, wish, longing.

 Kama Sutra: /‘kɑːmə;’ ˈsuːtrə’/ An ancient Sanskrit guide to sexual technique, human sexual behaviour and love.

White Lipstick & Red Lipstick

As a well-learned scholar, Vatsyayana wrote the Kama Sutra in the era of the Gupta Empire when there was very little, if any, sex education. This topic wasn’t openly discussed yet Vatsyayana’s shared knowledge became a very informative and sophisticated text of its time.

Due to the dramatic change in beliefs and society from the 1st-6th century to now, the Kama Sutra may sometimes be identified as controversial. Vastyayana projects women as weak throughout the text and suggests that they need a male figure to feel emotionally and financially stable; it was published in an era where women’s liberalisation was unheard of. The text was translated in to several other languages from ancient Indian Sanskrit; it is thought to be one of the most well known, but least understood books of all time.

Nowadays, it is merely a reflection of the social set-up of this time. These days a partnership reflects feeling, nurturing & building a connection, regardless of gender. At Illamasqua, we believe love is love and that everyone should be able to live life how they choose without fear of prejudice or hate. We inspire you to take pride in self-expression & individuality, no matter your gender, race or sexuality.

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Words by Jenna Day

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