Illamuse: Genesis Butler

Illamuse: Genesis Butler

As a PETA certified cruelty-free brand, with a growing range of vegan products (including our #IllaMustHaves Gel Sculpt, Hydra Veil & Beyond Powders) Illamasqua’s March Illamuse is Genesis Butler, a 10-year-old vegan & animal activist.

Activists are starting early these days. Genesis, from Long Beach in California, has made it her life goal to make a positive change on the world through reducing meat consumption and finding healthier food alternatives in order to protect the environment and save animals.

As well as organising pro-animal demonstrations she has taken part in Tedx Talks, lead the way for ‘Meatless Mondays’ at her elementary school and is in talks to make the campaign statewide across California.

Chosing to become vegetarian aged 4 after seeing her mother breast feed her younger sister, she then converted to Veganism aged 6 after realising much of what she ate came from animals, she made the decision to stop eating animals products. Genesis continually encourages her loved ones to choose healthy & humane diets – and is a force of nature when it comes to helping animals. Since then, her entire family has adopted a vegan lifestyle and she has focused her mind on animal advocacy. She frequently protests at circuses, meets with her local governors and has started up her own foundation – Genesis For Animals – a non profit foundation to raise money for animals in need.

With her home state of California often in drought, Genesis has given speeches to her local council on the impact of water shortages from farming animals, which uses thousands of gallons of water. This is not new news. The film Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret highlighted that in the US, agriculture uses in excess of 34 trillion gallons of water EVERY year (fracking uses 100 billion gallons). Genesis argues that she wants to educate people on how the food they eat affects the environment and the world, and who better to educate than her peers, the future generation.

As Veganism has become more widespread for health reasons, Genesis has also taken part in a new film, The Invisible Vegan, a 90-minute documentary exploring plant based vegan diets & lifestyle choices in the African-American Community, to be released soon.

Quite remarkable for just 10 years old…

Illamasqua’s Cruelty-Free statement:

Illamasqua’s Vegan products:

Illamasqua cruelty-free

Since Illamasqua launched in 2008, we made a strong commitment to never support or permit animal testing on any of our products, and only work with suppliers who uphold these principles. Our make-up brushes are made entirely out of synthetic hair and our range also houses over 100 Vegan products.
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