Illamasqua #DoubleDareYou…

Illamasqua #DoubleDareYou…

With the increase in social media accessibility, we are more connected to one another than ever before.

As a result, we can build one another up or tear one another down in a matter of moments. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed some people are choosing the latter – and even when they aren’t, social media is causing a distressingly negative impact on self-esteem and value.

We want to help raise self-love and create a community of empowered Illamasqua fans who have the courage to speak up and challenge those that discriminate others no matter your background, race or gender. We want to give you a platform to talk and we want to show you that Illamasqua is here for all; we are a support network, you are never alone and we will always listen.

Following recent demonstrations that repel political policies, feeling empowered to speak up against big corporations and issues that effect our fundamental values is now more important than ever

At Illamasqua, we are taking a stand against the unkindness we have witnessed across social media. We’re encouraging our fans to vocalise the things that they believe in. The things that make them different and beautiful, no matter their religion, race or gender.

Introducing…… the #DoubleDareYou Campaign 

We are all guilty of creating a highlight reel of our lives for social media, but every now and again we need to talk about real life and real issues.

Inspired by the name of one of our blushers we have double dared influencers from Instagram to join us and vocalise something real and meaningful on their profile with the aim to encourage others to talk about the things that they believe in and ultimately… make them blush.

We double dare you to take part in our campaign. To join in:

  • Create a makeup look using one, or more, of Illamasqua’s Powder Blushers as the main focus.
  • In the caption, talk about something inspired by the name of your blusher and double dare your followers to do the same, tagging Illamasqua and using the hashtag #DoubleDareYou

Let’s help raise self-love and create a community of empowered fans who have the courage to speak up and challenge those that discriminate others.




We #DoubleDareYou to talk about something real and create a look using an Illamasqua blusher. Don’t forget to tag us! @Illamasqua #Illamasqua






  • Jennifer says:

    I would like to clarify if we need to use strictly illamasqua products or just use the blushers and incorporate them with something we’re struggling with on a daily basis? Can mental illness be a topic for this? Because I’m very interested in being a part of the double dare you campaign

    • Nadine Bourne says:

      Hi Jennifer, you can incorporate other products into your look, but we’d like you to pick one of our Powder Blushers to inspire your topic of conversation. Can’t wait to see what you create. Mental Illness can absolutely be a topic for this, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week in a few weeks and we’ll be supporting that through this campaign 🙂 Thanks, NB x,

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