The Illamasqua Anti-Fascism Symbol

The Illamasqua Anti-Fascism Symbol

Illamasqua was founded upon the principles of expression, equality and respect. Recently, we stood against President Trump, as a fundamental symbol of fascism… and the public and Illamafia rose up with us.

The upcoming UK election in Illamasqua’s home country is another fundamental opportunity to use our collective voice to improve the society we live in.

We don’t publish propaganda.

We won’t ask you who you vote for.

All we ask is that you vote, and you do so with THREE key issues in mind:


Creating a fair and equal society and economy. Irregardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion.


Protecting the planet that we live on.


Building a brighter future for the next generation.

Join us: wear the Illamasqua Anti-Fascism Symbol

We have revived a historical anti-fascism symbol, to help bring together a new generation of social activist. The first deployment of the new symbol is set to coincide with the UK General Election on June 8th.

The original circular symbol, featuring three diagonal downward facing arrows, was first devised by Russian social activist, Sergei Tschachotin in 1931. A member of the German Iron Front, Sergei’s design was able to cover over Nazi swastikas in a matter of moments.

Portraying strength and defiance in the face of fascism, the new Illamasqua symbol sets the arrows pointing forward: a directive of progressive social change.

Wear the anti-fascism symbol as a statement of intent:
We will not be bullied into a regressive society. Wear it and share it together as a declaration of community and unity.

Wear it to Empower your vote on June 8th.

How to wear the symbol:

  • Use Illamasqua Precision Ink to draw the symbol
    on your face or body with a fine liner brush.
  • Mix Sealing Gel with one of our colourful
    Powder Eye Shadows to create colourful liquid lines.

Julian Kynaston

Illamasqua Founder

“Prejudice, sexism and racism must not be tolerated in any shape or form.

The inflammatory, white supremacist and lowest common denominator language and behaviour, fuelled by Donald Trump and members of the leading press, is creating significant steps backwards for humanity.

We must all fight the good fight. A fight for a world where beauty doesn’t just live on the outside, but even more importantly lives on the inside.

Whether you’re a brand or an individual, we all must be the change we want to see.”

In the lead up to the election on June 8th, we want to use a collective voice to improve society. As such, we’ve created the Illamasqua Anti-Fascism symbol. We’d love to see you recreate the symbol & wear it on the lead up to the election. Upload your looks to Instagram, making sure that you tag us in the photo.

@illamasqua #illamasqua


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